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Foreign language
Foreign language
Learning foreign words free - up to 500 words per week

Foreign languages free

Foreign language free - Learn foreign words with paper board game - do-it-yourself for 15 minutes. Reading entirety
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    For learning phrases in French (for example) use a special paper tape. From the French phrase removed the spaces and it rearranged fragments.
    Foreign language free
    Student should cut the paper tape into pieces and make a phrase in French. For example
    Foreign language free

    Example 2
    Foreign language free
    Foreign language free
    French language
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    Spanish language
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    Teaching method and all materials of game are authentic, developed by Valery V Shmeleff (author) and protected by copyright.
    Valery Shmeleff
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Foreign language

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    Students can memorize 500 foreign words in a week or more. This is a very effective method of remembering. You can download, print and learn.

    Educational game:
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Learn Foreign Words

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