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    Advanced Java script for your web site.
    This Java script allows you to change the cell background color in TABLE
    The script allows you to make cell background color more contrast. You simply touch the table's cells.


    You can configure the script so that the new background color was more of a contrast. This is useful when you need to make the text more visible.
    onmouseover="this.style.backgroundColor='#A8B0BB' can be applied not only to the cell but to an entire HTML table. If you use document.write, you can add new properties to the table cells. For example, links, images, buttons.
    How to get the address of the website that hosts the web page? For this we use a simple Java script - <script>document.write(location.protocol,'//',location.host)</script>


Free web site has a simple structure of HTML code. But can be easily extended to a solid product. You can easily add menus, buttons, widgets, maps, videos.
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