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    HTML code details.
    Site templates use a very simple HTML code. This is a simple HTML table <TABLE> </TABLE>
    The table contains a row <tr> </tr> in which multiple cells <td> </td>
    View the HTML code of one cell <td background=img/t1.jpg width=17 height=24></td>
    Here background=img/t1.jpg All background cells are filled with picture t1.jpg, placed in the directory img
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    The width and height of the cell width=17 height=24 equal to the size of graphic images t1.jpg.
    This HTML structure is convenient for beginners designers. You can easily format the content. The HTML code is compatible with all types and versions of browsers.
    You can create 3-4 web pages per hour. Or 50-60 pages per week. After 3-4 months you will have a very solid web site.

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Free web site with a large number of web pages is an advanced website template.
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