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Free web site with quility content - Free handmade paper game for FRENCH language learning
    Advanced free web template with 14 web pages - the site with quality content. These templates allow you to quickly create a website, for example, to embed backlinks. You can simply download ZIP archive, upload all files to your web server and add the address to the search engines.
    The more web pages the site has, the higher the quality backlinks.
    This web template contain
    WORD .DOC guide - 5 files
    JPG images - 41 files
    HTML pages - 14 web pages
    PDF images - 9 files
    ZIP Size - 3.78 Mbyte
    Licenzion - Free
    Copyright - Valery V Shmeleff
    Technology - HTML only
    Detail: All web browser compatible, quick load into mobile gadgets, saves mobile phones RAM.
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download :


    Free web template

    The website can be used to "pumping" traffic to the main website or blog. For this you can use a special Java script.
    Direct link:
Free DOWNLOAD oflameron.zip >>
    See Java script code
    This link loads the main web page of the website index.htm without a click of the mouse. Just hold the mouse pointer through the link on the web page. This example performs an internal redirect. If instead index.htm to specify the address of the website, for example http://www.oflameron.com - will be navigate to the specified website.


Free web site uses very simple HTML 1.0 and is compatible with all types and versions of browsers. you don't need to test web pages for compatibility.
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